Connection Status

Learn about different connection statuses available.

In this tutorial, you will learn:

• Connected using Bluetooth
• Remote use
• Standalone mode

Connected using Bluetooth

When the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is paired with another device via Bluetooth all watch features are available, including callingmessaging and applications. Watch settings can be adjusted via the wear Galaxy Wearable app on your phone. When the watch is connected via bluetooth, the Bluetooth paired icon, signal bars and service provider will appear in Quick settings

Note: To access Quick settings, swipe down from the clock screen.

Image 1

Remote use

When connected remotely, both the phone and watch have active data connection via Wi-Fi or Cellular Data. To enable or disable remote connection, from the wearable app Galaxy Wearable app on the paired device, select the Watch settings > Advanced features > Remote connection switch.  

Image 2

Standalone mode

In Standalone mode, the watch is not connected to the smartphone and operates as a standalone device. While in Standalone mode, the watch will only send and receive notifications from the Watch phone number and will have no access to Watch manager functions. When the watch is in standalone mode, the connection status will appear in Quick settings

Image 3

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