Flashing Orange "Internet" LED
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Flashing Orange "Internet" LED

Learn how to troubleshoot a Flashing Orange “Internet” LED.


If the Internet LED is flashing orange or white after 30 minutes of powering up, check your router settings. In order for your AT&T Cell Booster Pro to provide properly operate, ensure that your broadband router, modem, and gateway have the following settings:

Basic Troubleshooting Steps:

1. Confirm that the ethernet cable is plugged in between Cell Booster device and the Internet Gateway/Router.

• One end of the ethernet cable should be connected to “WAN port” on the AT&T Cell Booster Pro device.
• The other end of the ethernet cable should be connected to “Ethernet open port” on the Internet Gateway/Router.
• The ethernet cable should have a tight and secure connection in each port.

2. Confirm that you don’t have an issue with your internet by checking other devices.

3. Power off and power back (power cycle) the Internet Gateway followed by power off and power back on (power cycle) the Cell Booster device.

4. If configuration is Internet Gateway/Router + ISP Modem, connect the AT&T Cell Booster Pro Ethernet cable (WAN port connection) directly into the port on the Modem to isolate whether the Internet Gateway/Router configuration is causing the connectivity issue. If this configuration resolves the issue, further troubleshooting is needed with your Internet Gateway/Router ports or settings, go to Firewall and Router for more advanced troublehshooting.

Note: If this does not resolve the issue, go to Firewall and Router for more advanced troubleshooting.

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