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S Pen

Learn how to hand write memos, draw on screenshots, access S Pen settings, and more.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:


• Learn S Pen basics
• Hand write memos
• Write or draw on screenshots
• Use Smart select
• Access S Pen settings
• Turn Air view on or off


To learn about all S Pen can do, remove the S Pen > select the Air command icon > select the settingsSettings icon, and scroll down to the General section to learn about the S Pen and its features. You can find additional information at the Samsung S Pen page.

Learn S Pen basics

The S Pen is attached to a magnetic strip on the back side of the device. Select the air command Air Command icon, then select the desired option.


Note: Upon first use, you will be prompted to review a short tutorial about the S Pen, then select Done


Image 1


To unlock your device, from the lock screen, press the S Pen button.


Note: You can only unlock your device using your S Pen when a screen lock is setup, air actions are enabled and S Pen unlock is enabled. To enable Air actions, swipe down from the Notification bar > select the settings icon Settings icon > scroll to and select Advanced features > select S Pen > Air actions switch. To enable or disable S Pen unlock, from the S Pen screen, scroll to and select More S Pen settings, then select the S Pen unlock switch. You must have a secure screen lock to use this feature.


Image 2

Hand write memos

1. From the Air command screen, select create note Create note


2. Write your memo. When finished, select the menu icon Menu icon > Save as file > the desired file type > desired location > Done > enter the desired file name > select Save.


Note: Your memo will be automatically saved to Samsung Notes. To access Samsung Notes, from the home screen swipe up from the center of the screen to access the Apps tray. Navigate to, then select the samsung notesSamsung Notes app


Image 3

Write or draw on screenshots

From the Air command screen, select screen writeScreen write. After the screenshot is captured, you can write or draw on it. Select the Save icon when finished. 


Image 4

Use Smart select

1. With Smart select, you can capture selected portions of the screen. From the Air command screen, select smart select Smart select, then select the desired outline shape.


Image 5


2. Select and drag the outline across the screen to select the desired image capture. Select the Save icon to save.


Image 6

Access S Pen settings

From the Air command screen, select the settings Settings icon. Edit settings as desired. 


Note: Alternately, swipe down from the Notification bar then select the settings icon Settings icon > Advanced features > S Pen. 


Image 7

Turn Air view on or off

Air view allows you to preview information, extend text, or enlarge pictures by hovering your pen over the screen. From the S Pen settings screen, select the Air view switch


Image 8

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