Wi-Fi or Ethernet Offloading
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Wi-Fi or Ethernet Offloading

When near a Wi-Fi or Ethernet network, you can connect your Router to avoid Data usage.


Set up Wi-Fi or Ethernet Offloading


1. From the device homescreen, select Internet.

Image 1


2. Scroll to and select the desired offloading option.

Note: If you are setting up Ethernet offloading, ensure that your ethernet cable is connected in the device and your mobile router.

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Configure Wi-Fi Offloading


1. To configure Wifi offloading settings the device must be set up and you must be logged in to the AT&T Wi-Fi Manager website.

From your device's web browser, go to http://attwifimanager. Enter your Username and Password, then click SIGN IN.

Note: Ensure that your device is connected to the Netgear Nighthawk M6's Wi-Fi network. For more information, please see the Connect Devices to Wi-Fi or Connect PC or Mac to Wi-Fi tutorials.


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3. Click General, then click Internet Connection.

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4. Click the desired Wi-Fi network, if necessary, enter the password then click Continue.

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