Advanced Photo & Video Features

Advanced Photo & Video Features

Learn how to access and use Camera modes, effects, customization, and crop a photo.


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To access the Camera app, from the home screen, select the camera Camera app.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Access camera modes 
• Customize photo & video settings
• Crop a photo
• Access camera filters
• Access Auto smile
• Use Spot color
• Use Cutout

Access camera modes

1. From the Camera app, swipe left to More to access modes such as Cutout, CinemagraphSpot ColorPanorama, and Timelapse. Select the desired option.

Note: Cutout allows you to snap a photo and then edit it to cut out your subject and replace the background. Spot Color allows you to select a color to highlight. Panorama allows you to create wider photos by stitching together multiple photos. Slow Motion allows you to take slow motion videos. Timelapse allows you to create time-lapse videos. Not all of these options are available when using the front facing camera.

Image 1

2. To access Google Lens from the Camera app, select the settings Settings icon > AI SETTINGS drop-down > select the Google Lens switch. Then, select the Google Lens icon.

Image 2

Customize photo and video settings

From the Camera app, select the settings Settings icon. Adjust settings as desired.  

Image 3



Crop a photo

1. From the Camera app, select the Gallery icon. Swipe left to the desired photo, then select Edit.

Note: Alternately, from the home screen, select the google photos Photos app > navigate to and select the desired photo.

Image 4

2. Select Crop. Select and drag the crop corners to crop as desired, then select Save copy.

Image 5

Access camera filters

From the Edit screen, swipe left to Filters. Select the desired filter, then select Save copy.

Image 6

Access Auto smile

From the Camera app, select the settings Settings icon > AI SETTINGS drop-down > Auto smile switch.

Image 7

Use Spot color

1. From the Camera app, swipe left to More then select Spot color

Image 8

2. Select a spot to pick a color, then drag left or right to increase the highlight of that color.

Image 9

Use Cutout

1. Cutout mode allows you to change the background after you take a photo. From the Camera app, swipe left to More then select Cutout

Image 10

2. With a single person or multiple people in the frame, select the Capture icon. The image will automatically be edited to remove the background.

Image 11

3. To add your subject to a new background, select the Gallery icon.

Image 12

4. Swipe left to the desired photo, then select Edit. Select Add Background.

Image 13

5. Navigate to and select the desired background, then select SAVE.

Image 14

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