Samsung SmartThings
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Samsung SmartThings

Learn how to use Samsung SmartThings to connect to and control a wide range of devices.


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Samsung SmartThings allow you to wirelessly connect your device with a whole range of smart devices and lets everything work together. If your device does not have Samsung SmartThings pre-installed, visit the Download Apps & Games tutorial for instructions on how to download.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Access Samsung SmartThings
• Add a device to Samsung SmartThings
• Edit Samsung SmartThings settings

Access Samsung SmartThings


1. From the home screen, swipe up from the center of the screen the access the Apps tray. 

2. Select the Samsung folder, then select the smart things app SmartThings app

3. Select Continue. Review the Location and permissions prompts, then select Continue
Note: To access Samsung SmartThings, you must first be signed into your Samsung account. If you have not already signed into your Samsung account, select Sign in upon initial access of Samsung SmartThings. Enter your account information, then review the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy as desired.

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Add a device to Samsung SmartThings

From the Devices tab, select Add device. Select the desired device or add a device manually by selecting the corresponding device type then follow the prompts to complete set up. 


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Edit Samsung SmartThings settings

1. From the SmartThings screen, select the menu Menu tab then select the settings Settings icon


2. Edit settings as desired. 


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