Google Assistant

Learn how Google Assistant allows you to control your device and access voice control settings using voice commands.





In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Set up Google Assistant
• Use Google Assistant
• Access Google Assistant settings

Set up Google Assistant

1. Press the Watch Crown to access the Apps tray, then scroll to and select the Assistant app. Select Get started.  

Image 1

2. Select Open on phone to activate. On your paired device, select Set up

Image 2

3. Review the Google partners and services prompt, then select Next. Scroll to and select I agree

Image 3

4. To teach Google Assistant to recognize your voice, review the Voice Match prompt. Select I agree, then follow the prompts to set up. To skip Voice Match, select Skip. When Google Assistant is finished setting up, select OK.

Image 4

Use Google Assistant

Press and hold the Side button. Say the desired search term(s) when "Hi, how can I help?" is on-screen.

Image 5

Access Google Assistant settings

1. From the paired device, navigate to and select the  Google Watch app > select Google > select Google Assistant.

Image 6

2. Edit settings as desired.

 Image 7

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