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Keep track of all the things you need to know like due dates and locations.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Set a reminder
• Access reminders
• View, edit and delete reminders
• Dismiss a reminder

Set a reminder

Press and hold the Side button to launch the Google Assistant. Say the desired reminder into the watch.

Note: The reminder will be saved in the Calendar app on your paired device.

Image 1

Access reminders

To view reminders, from the paired device, navigate to and select the calendar Calendar app. Reminders will be displayed.

Image 2

View, edit and delete reminders

VIEW: From the Calendar app, select the desired reminder to view the reminder. 

Image 3

EDIT: From the desired reminder, select edit icon Edit icon then edit the reminder as desired. When finished, select Save to save changes.

Image 4

DELETE: From the desired reminder, select the Menu icon Menu icon then select Delete.

Note: Select Delete again to confirm.

Image 5 

Dismiss a reminder

At the time of the reminder, you will receive a notification. Scroll to and select the Done to dismiss. 

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