Voice Notes

Learn how to create, access, and delete a voice note.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Create a voice note
• Access a voice note
• Delete a voice note

Create a voice note

1. To create a voice note, press and hold the Side button to launch Google Assistant. Say "Create a voice note"

Image 1

2. Say the desired voice note. Voice notes will save automatically.

Image 2

Access a voice note

1. Press the Watch Crown to access the Apps tray, then scroll to and select the Keep notes app Keep Notes app

Note: The Keep Notes app does not come pre-download on the Google Pixel Watch. To install, navigate to and select the Play Store app > search for Google Keep - Notes and Lists > Install

2. Voice notes will be displayed.

Image 3

Delete a voice note

1. On your paired device, navigate to and select the Keep Notes app Keep Notes app

Note: You can can only delete a voice note from your pair device.

2. Select and hold the desired voice note. Select the Menu icon Menu icon, then select Delete.  

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