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Only AT&T 5G smartphones put you on the court with the Trick Shot Kings AR basketball game.
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The world is your playground

Experience the ultimate in augmented reality (AR) gaming with Trick Shot Kings basketball. Available exclusively on AT&T 5G devices, Trick Shot Kings brings the game to you—to play wherever and whenever—without goggles or gear. All you need to immerse yourself in a gritty urban setting on a street ball basketball court is an AT&T 5G device—and a love of the game.


Trick Shot Kings lets you call the shots

  • Turn any space into a full-on basketball court, ready for your wildest trick shot.
  • To download, open the Games folder on your AT&T 5G device, and tap on the app icon.
  • Choose your avatar and court style—and use your smartphone as your lens.
  • Play against AI or invite a friend to compete to be king.
  • Up your score with crazy trick shots and challenge your friends to see who’s really got game.

Experience augmented reality with the Trick Shot Kings exclusively on AT&T 5G devices.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Trick Shot Kings?
    The Trick Shot Kings Augmented Reality (AR) game is a smartphone game app that lets you immerse yourself in a gritty urban setting on a street ball basketball court. Using your smartphone as your lens, you can position the basketball court directly in front of you on a table, or any flat surface. To start; choose an avatar for your player. To play; simply aim and tap the screen to shoot the basketball towards the basket, but the real challenge is to make high-scoring trick shots. Bounce the ball off of virtual cars, buildings, and signs in the AR world—the crazier the trick shot, the more points you score. Search the AR world to discover new and wilder trick shots. Fast-paced play to boost your score. You can play against an AI player, a friend or even someone across the country. Rack up enough points to climb the leaderboard to become The Trick Shot King!
  • What is Augmented Reality?
    Augmented reality is a technology where computer graphics and information are overlaid onto the real world around you. Video chat filters that track movement were some of the first examples of AR.
  • Is Augmented Reality the same as Virtual Reality?
    No. Augmented reality puts computer graphics into the real world. Virtual reality puts you into an entirely digital world. With AR, you can still see the real world around you, just with extra special effects.  With VR, you must wear goggles that completely replace what you can see around you.