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Directory Assistance from AT&T
  • Find the listing for a business or residence anywhere in the country.
  • Get a name and address for a number you already have but don't recognize.
  • Search by type of business when you don't have the name of a company.
  • Get area codes or international dialing codes.
  • Get the spelling of your friend's new last name, address, or zip code just by providing a phone number.
More than just telephone numbers, take advantage of these directory services:
  • Local Directory Assistance:
    Get a business or residence listing within your local area.
  • National Directory Assistance:
    Get a business or residence listing outside your local area.
  • Business Category Search:
    If you don't know the exact name of a business, we can help you find the listing for a type of business like a florist or a movie theatre.
  • Reverse Number Search:
    We can look up the name and address of that mystery number on your caller ID.
  • Address:
    When prompted for a listing, simply say "address" and you will be taken to a Directory Assistance Operator to complete your request.
  • Area Codes:
    Get the area code of a specific city, say the city name at the "city and state" prompt and then say "area code" when the system asks you for the listing.
  • Country Code:
    To call outside the country, you'll need the Country Code. At the "City and State" prompt, just say "Country Code" and our Directory Assistance Operator can look up the International Dialing Code or Country Code for any country.
  • Directory Assistance Call Completion:
    No need to write the number down. After you've obtained your desired listing, simply stay on the line to complete the call. This service is offered free of charge.

Prices may vary by location. Select a location for specific pricing. JavaScript needs to be enabled to view pricing.

Directory Assistance FAQ