Data usage support

Data usage support

Get info on high-speed data and your wireless plan.

High-speed data and your plan

Some of our wireless plans come with a set amount of data to share with other devices on your plan.

Other plans give you data that can only be used for a specific line or device.

Network demand and data use

If a lot of devices are using mobile data at once, it can put a strain in our network. This is called network congestion, and we may have to slow your data speed to keep everyone connected. 

On an unlimited plan? We may slow your speed when our network is busy. Depending on your plan, this might be at any time or after the monthly threshold for your plan (such as 22GB or 50GB).

For plans with a monthly usage threshold, we'll text you when you've used 75% of it (so, for example, 16.5GB if it's 22GB or 37.5GB if it's 50GB). If you do reach your monthly threshold, don't worry because the usage level resets and things will go back to normal when your next bill period starts.

Track your usage

Enter *3282# (*DATA#) on your phone or tablet.

Keep your monthly bill predictable.

Use Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi® doesn't count as mobile data use. Using hotspots on the go is a great way to save your plan data.

Manage your data use

Set up usage alerts, turn off data to specific apps, and more. Find out how