Data usage support

Data usage support

Explore tips for managing & getting the most from your data plan.

What you should know…

Good news! If you have an unlimited plan, you’ll pay a flat rate no matter how much data you use during your bill period.

If you use more than 22GB in a bill period, speeds may slow in congested areas. When you've used 16.5GB or 75% of your 22GB, we'll send you a text to help you keep track of your data.

We may slow your Internet speed for the rest of your bill period if you go over 22GB. But, don’t worry. We reset your data at the next bill period.

Network facts

With so many devices using mobile data around the world, the demands on networks can sometimes strain resources. This is called network congestion, and it happens when lots of people in an area use data at the same time. 

When this happens, you may experience reduced speeds. For AT&T Unlimited Choice Enhanced℠, slower speeds due to network congestion can happen at any time. For other unlimited data plans, your speeds may slow after you use more than 22GB of data use in a single bill period.

Track your usage

Dial *3282# (*DATA#) on your phone or tablet. 

Keep your monthly bill predictable.

Use Wi-Fi®

Wi-Fi doesn’t count as mobile data use. Using hotspots on the go is a great way to conserve the data on your plan.

Manage your data use

Explore setting up usage alerts and AT&T Smart Limits, managing usage when traveling, and more. Read the article