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     What you get with Mobile Share Value


Rollover DataSM

The data you don’t use this month rolls over to next month.3

Rollover Data expires after one month or with any plan change and is consumed after all other data allowances. Additional restrictions apply.


Truly shareable data

Share data with all of the devices on your plan. Use your data for 1 to 10 phones, tablets, and other wireless devices.



Unlimited Talk & Text

Unlimited domestic calls and messaging for all your phones.2




Savings every month

Save up to $25 a month on access charges for each AT&T NextSM or No Annual Contract smartphone you add to your Mobile Share Value plan versus a smartphone with a 2-year contract.*

*If you're currently getting these savings and you upgrade to a new 2-year contract, the savings will be lost. Restrictions apply.1 See savings details.


Unlimited international texting

Enjoy unlimited texting from the U.S. to the world.2

International texting capabilities and availability vary by country.



50GB of cloud storage

Add AT&T LockerSM to help keep your photos, videos, music, and other files safe, secure, and accessible.4

Data charges apply. Compatible device required.



Create your Mobile Share Value plan


Choose your data

Shared Data











Monthly Rate











Overage: $20 per 300MB on a 300MB plan, $20 per 500MB on a 1GB plan, and $15 per 1GB on all other plans. Overage data must be used in the billing period it is provided, and does not roll over.

Not sure how much data you need?

Help me choose a data plan

Add phones

Monthly Access Charge



Smartphones on AT&T Next or No Annual Contract
(purchase at full price, bring your own, or on a month-to-month contract)



Smartphones on 2-year Contract**



All Basic & Messaging Phones



**For plans 10GB or higher, AT&T customers with smartphones on 2-year wireless contracts prior to February 2, 2014, are eligible for the $15 per month access charge. For plans 2GB to 6GB, AT&T customers with smartphones on 2-year wireless contracts prior to March 9, 2014, are eligible for the $25 per month access charge. Upgrade: If upgrading to a smartphone on a 2-year wireless contract, you will lose the discounted access charge for that line. To receive this discount, upgrade with AT&T Next or pay the full purchase price. Data increases: If you are currently on a 2GB to 6GB plan and getting the discounted access charge for a smartphone line on a 2-year wireless contract, if you increase your data to a 10GB or higher plan, you may lose your discount.

Add more devices


Monthly Access Charge

Tablets, connected devices & gaming devices

Shared data


Connected wearables5

Unlimited Talk & Text + Shared data


Laptops, netbooks & hotspot devices

Shared data


AT&T Wireless Home Phone6

Unlimited Nationwide Calling


AT&T Wireless Home Phone & Internet6
(Only on 10GB plans or higher.)

Unlimited Nationwide Calling + Shared data


Plan pricing examples

Please note that these Mobile Share Value plans do not include device costs.

See examples of family plans and individual plans to help you customize your wireless service. A Mobile Share Value family plan for 4 smartphones offers even greater savings with AT&T Next and other No Contract options. A Mobile Share Value individual plan keeps your costs down with one phone line, but you can add a tablet, laptop, and more.

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