AT&T email best practices

Follow email guidelines and spam laws when you send email through AT&T Mail.

AT&T Mail guidelines

We have a few guidelines to help you make sure that your email gets delivered.
  • Follow any relevant Requests for Comments (RFCs).
  • CVerify that your email complies with the Federal Can Spam Act of 2003.
  • Send email using your ISP’s mail servers. If you use dial-up or other dynamic IP addresses, your email might not work.
  • Avoid sending multiple emails at one time.
  • Remove your IP address from any Real-time Blackhole Lists (RBLs). If you’re on one, contact the list’s manager.
  • Don’t send email from an IP address where the sender changes often.
  • Use accurate header info. Check the header details by viewing the raw source code of a sent message.
  • Don’t try to find email accounts by sending mass messages to spam our server. We’ll block these emails and may take legal action.
Last updated: December 7, 2022

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