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AT&T directory assistance

Get help finding the phone numbers you need.


Learn about directory assistance

Want help looking up a phone number? AT&T directory assistance is available 24/7. You can also locate phone numbers online at

How to call directory assistance

Call 411 or enter an area code followed by 555.1212.

Heads up: Calls to directory assistance may incur a per-use charge.

Directory assistance services

We can help you with:
  • Local and national listings: Find business and residential phone numbers.
  • Business category searches: Look up listings based on the business type, such as a florist or movie theater.
  • Reverse phone number lookups: Get more info about that mystery number on your caller ID, including the name, address, and ZIP Code.

Looking up cell phone numbers

For privacy reasons, our directory of U.S. cell phone numbers is limited to customers who request that their info be made available through directory assistance.

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