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Pay and manage your Combined Bill

Learn how to pay and manage your Combined Bill online using one account number and ID.


Get details about your Combined Bill

How to sign in and pay your Combined Bill

Sign in to myAT&T to view your bill, make a payment, and manage your account.
  • U-verse TV, AT&T Phone, and/or Internet account with any other service(s) - Sign in using your Member ID.
  • DIRECTV account with any new AT&T service(s) - Sign in with your user ID (formerly called AT&T Access ID).
  • Wireless only account with any other service(s) - Sign in with your user ID.

If you have difficulty signing in, try clearing browser history and cookies.

More combined billing info

  • It can take up to two months for your bills to be combined after you set it up. Until then, continue paying each of your separate bills. 
  • Find out which charges appear and how to read your recently Combined Bill
  • Want to add a new service to your Combined Bill? Learn how to sign up or add a new service to your Combined Bill
  • Find a list of all wireless calls made, data used, or text messages sent/received during a bill cycle in the Reprint section of your paper bill. Just select View paper bill to access the PDF. 

Customers with combined billing prior to January 2013

This type of Combined Bill means you have two account numbers, but the bill is displayed in myAT&T for the non-wireless account. Nothing has changed for you, continue to view and pay your bill as you always have.

Cancel your Combined Billing
Want to receive separate bills for each service? Just contact us to cancel combined billing. It may take up to two months to remove combined billing from your account.

Difference between Combined Bill and linked accounts

  • Combined Bill – One bill with one account number for multiple services. For example, you can have DIRECTV service and AT&T Internet service under one account number, and on one bill. You can combine wireless, DIRECTV, U-verse TV, or AT&T Internet services on one account.
  • Linked accounts – Multiple AT&T accounts that you can manage by signing in with one user ID. You can still receive a separate bill for each account number.
Last updated: June 3, 2021

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