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Reset AT&T PREPAID voicemail password

Learn how to reset a forgotten voicemail password, and then create a new password to begin receiving voicemail messages.


Learn how to reset your voicemail password

To reset your voicemail password for your AT&T PREPAIDSM phone (formerly GoPhone®) or prepaid Wireless Home Phone:
  1. Call 800.901.9878 (611 from your AT&T PREPAID phone or connected home phone).
  2. Confirm or enter your 10-digit wireless number if prompted. 
  3. Say More options when prompted.
  4. Say Change my voicemail password.
  5. A Customer Service Representative will reset your voicemail password.

After resetting your password, you won’t receive new voicemail messages until you create a new password.

Create a new voicemail password

To create a new voicemail password for your AT&T PREPAID or Wireless Home Phone, ensure you are in an AT&T PREPAID coverage area. If you were given a temporary password, don’t use it while creating a new password. Ensure you use your AT&T PREPAID or Wireless Home Phone that had the voicemail reset.
  1. Access your voicemail by selecting and holding 1 from the call screen.
  2. Follow the prompts to create a new 7-15 digit voicemail password.
  3. If you called the voicemail system, press the # key and hang up.
  4. Turn your wireless device off and back on.
  5. Attempt to access your voicemail again.

If you're unable to access Visual Voicemail, try calling your voicemail box by selecting and holding 1 from the call screen.

Verify wireless coverage
To verify that you have enough signal strength to connect to voicemail, view wireless coverage maps:
  • Visual Voicemail requires a wireless cellular data connection.
  • Some smartphones require a 4G LTE data connection in order to access and manage Visual Voicemail.

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