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User permissions for your wireless account

You or someone you authorize can manage your account online, at an AT&T store, or by phone. Ability to manage your account depends on who and where.


Who can do what on wireless accounts

Check out this table to see who can perform tasks on wireless accounts. Be aware that:
  • Some links take you straight to the task after you sign in.
  • Other links take you to info about the task.
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Permissions table

 TaskPrimary access
(online 1)
Secondary access
(online 1)
Retail authorized user
(in store)
Authenticated caller
(on phone)
User permissions      
Account access   Add or remove a retail authorized user X  
Change a wireless account security passcode   
Add or remove a person's secondary online access    
Plans & service         Add new lines of service, including entering into an installment agreement2 or a service commitment 
Perform upgrades, including entering into an installment agreement2 or a new service commitment on existing lines 
Compare & change plans 
Add or remove features  X  
Change wireless number X  X  X  X  
Suspend service for a lost or stolen device X  X  X  X  
Restore service for a lost or stolen device X  X  X
Cancel service   
Billing, payments & usage          Make payments 
Sign up for AutoPay 
Sign up for paperless billing 
Transfer billing responsibility   
Accept billing responsibility   
Get total account balance 
Get payment history 
Get talk & data usage details 
View & print reports on usage & trends   
Contact info   Change billing address or contact phone number  
Add or update email addresses for account notifications 
Opt in or out of certain automated messaging 

See all important details
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Who can manage my wireless account?

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