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Set up Visual Voicemail

Learn how to set up Visual Voicemail on your smartphone.

How do I set up Visual Voicemail?
Explore our interactive tutorial at Device Support > Learn how to use > Voicemail > Set up voicemail. If prompted, enter your voicemail-box password, then follow the prompts.

Check out our interactive Device Support voicemail tutorials.

Requirements & troubleshooting

Requirements for Visual Voicemail

To set up and use Visual Voicemail, you’ll have to:
  • Have a smartphone and data plan that includes Visual Voicemail1 (included on most wireless and PREPAID smartphone data plans)
  • Use your own smartphone - you can’t set up voicemail from another phone
  • Connect to the 4G LTE data network
  • Install the AT&T Visual Voicemail app if your Android device doesn’t already have Visual Voicemail built-in or the app pre-installed

Check out our interactive Device Support voicemail tutorials for detailed steps.

Solve Visual Voicemail issues

Go to Troubleshoot & Resolve Voicemail for help setting up or using Visual Voicemail.

About Visual Voicemail

With free Visual Voicemail1, you can:
  • Listen to voicemail messages in any order you choose from an email-like inbox
  • Play and delete messages with ease
  • Make callbacks from the voicemail screen
  • Manage voicemail features

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Last updated: October 21, 2020

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