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Confirm your payment

Find out how to confirm that we got your payment and to what to do about missing payments.


View recent payments

Go directly to your bill summary page to see your info, including payments received and balance due.Go

Ways to confirm your payment

Check online

  1. Go to Profile and select Billing & payment options.
  2. Under Payment options, select Manage payment activity & options to see your scheduled and recent payments.

Good to know: We process and post online payments to your account immediately, but they can take up to 2 business days to show online in myAT&T.
Use Star Services
Press *225# (*BAL#), or *725# (*SAL#) for Spanish, from your AT&T wireless phone to get a text with your last payment details.

Get payment info for AT&T PREPAID accounts

What to do if your payment is missing

First, check any other AT&T accounts you may have to see if the payment posted there.

If you still think your payment is missing:
  1. Contact your bank, the place where your money order was purchased, or your credit card provider to confirm the payment cleared or was cashed.
  2. If your payment hasn't cleared or wasn't cashed, we won't be able to provide additional info since we didn't receive the payment. Discuss your options with the payment issuer and resubmit your payment to us.
  3. If your payment has cleared or was cashed, contact us so we can open a case to see what happened. We'll ask you to submit one of the following, depending on the payment method. Be sure to include your AT&T case number on any documentation you send to us.
    • Bank drafts - A bank statement showing your running balance with the payment in question deducted from your bank account. Include your full bank account and routing number on the documentation.
    • Checks - A copy of the front and back of the processed check.
    • Online bill pay (if processed electronically) - The transaction trace number or payment details from your online account transaction history, or a copy of your bank statement showing the cleared transaction if it contains the trace number.
    • Online bill pay (if processed via check) - A copy of the front and back of the processed check from your bank's online bill support.
    • Money order - A copy of the front and back of the processed money order.
    • Debit or credit card - Your card statement showing that the payment was submitted to us. Include your full credit card number on the documentation.
    • In an AT&T store - The receipt for the payment.

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