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Make sure your device works when you travel internationally

Check to be sure you can use your device abroad.


Things to do before you leave the country

Make sure your device works in the countries you’ll visit
  • Most AT&T devices work on foreign frequencies of 1800MHz and 900MHz.
  • In Japan or South Korea, a device that can use the 2100MHz frequency is required.
  • All AT&T LTE devices support band 4. These devices work in Canada and certain other countries.
  • If your device isn’t compatible:

Get the right coverage for your device(s) 
  • International charges apply when you talk, text, and use data outside the U.S., Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • You can save if you have AT&T Passport®, AT&T International Day Pass®, or a similar plan for international travel.
  • Before you go, tell us about your trip. We'll let you know if your plan already covers you, or we’ll suggest the best option. 

Check international talk, text, and data coverage
  1. Use the international coverage map
  2. Select Discount Data to find out what data speed you’ll get when you add Passport, International Day Pass, or a similar plan for international travel.

Need help while abroad?

  • Chat with us when available. Keep in mind, chat isn’t available for AT&T PREPAIDSM (formerly GoPhone®).
  • Call +1.314.925.6925 (free from your AT&T wireless phone).

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