Set up NumberSync for Android wearables

Learn how to set up NumberSync so you can phone or text with an Android smartwatch.

Choose your messaging app

If you don’t already have an AT&T Cloud inbox, we’ll create one for you as part of the NumberSyncSM setup. The inbox syncs messages between your smartphone and smartwatch.

For the best experience, choose AT&T Messages Backup & Sync as the default messaging app on your smartphone.

Learn more about AT&T Messages Backup & Sync

Good to know: Make sure you set up AT&T Messages Backup & Sync (cloud inbox) for your smartphone number, not your smartwatch number.

Check your phone for your wearable app

Samsung wearables: Make sure you have the Samsung® Galaxy Wearable app on your phone. If you don’t, you can
download and install it. The app can also be used on non-Samsung smartphones running Android® 5.0 and up.  

LG wearables: From your phone, download and install the Android Wear app. The app is compatible with smartphones running Android 4.3 and up.

Get NumberSync setup instructions

  1. Select your wearable brand:
  2. Choose the Wearables tab, select the correct model, and then Confirm selection.
  3. Choose when you’re going to set up NumberSync:
    • If now, look for Device info and select Getting started.
    • If later, select Key features & apps and then NumberSync.

Set up NumberSync for Samsung wearables and phones

Before you begin, make sure:
  • Bluetooth® is turned on for both your wearable and your smartphone.
  • You have paired your smartphone and wearable using the Samsung pairing process.
  • You have an active wireless plan for your wearable.
  • You have a NumberSync user ID for your wearable.

Set up NumberSync from the Galaxy Wear app

  • Open the Galaxy Wear app on your smartphone.
  • Tap Sync Watch.
  • Check your watch for a Sync Code.
  • Enter the Sync Code in the app (if it doesn’t automatically enter it for you).
  • Follow the prompts to accept Terms & Conditions.
You’ll get a message on both the Galaxy Wear app and your wearable that your smartphone number and watch have synced.

Good to know: You can sync a wearable with a smartphone number on a different account. You just have to enter the AT&T user ID and password for that account. After you enter the Sync Code, you’ll be asked to sign in with the smartphone number's AT&T user ID to complete the NumberSync setup.

Don’t see the number you want to sync to? Find out how to manage the wireless number for your user ID.


Sync your iPhone with NumberSync for Android wearables

Turn off iMessage® to get the best experience while using the NumberSync for wearable service.

With iMessage off

  • You can send and receive messages with your smartphone number from your smartwatch.
  • You’ll get incoming SMS or MMS texts and message notifications sent to both devices.
  • Outgoing messages and the incoming read or unread message status won’t be synced between devices.
  • Messages deleted from the smartwatch won’t be deleted from your other device.

With iMessage on

  • You can send SMS texts with your smartphone number from your smartwatch.
  • You’ll get incoming iMessage texts sent to your smartphone, but not to your smartwatch.
  • Your message threads, history, and read, unread, and deleted statuses won't be synced between devices.
  • You won’t get notifications sent to your smartwatch.
Last updated: May 20, 2023

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