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AT&T MicroCell FAQ

AT&T MicroCell uses your current internet service to create a strong, secure, and shareable signal in your home.

Quick answer

How do I activate my AT&T MicroCell?

How do I buy an AT&T MicroCell?

How am I billed for wireless use when using AT&T MicroCell?

How do view my MicroCell usage?

Can I change approved users on my AT&T MicroCell?

How many calls or data sessions can I have with my AT&T MicroCell?

Should I use my AT&T MicroCell instead of Wi-Fi for data?

Is my AT&T MicroCell compatible with tablets?

How do I reset or troubleshoot issues with my MicroCell?

I moved. Can I use my MicroCell in my new home?

Last updated: August 10, 2020

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