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Protect your smartphone against threats

Learn how the AT&T Mobile Security app helps defend your smartphone against security threats.


Basic security features

App monitor
Scans your device proactively and warns you about potentially unsafe apps.

Breach reports
Sends email and app alerts when Mobile Security detects a data breach that may affect you. You’ll also get helpful tips about what to do next.

Email threat detection
Detects when there’s malware or spyware in email downloads and attachments. It doesn’t scan individual emails.

Malware scans
Looks for malware, like Trojans, worms, spyware, and ransomware on smartphones and apps. Plus, it actively monitors your files if you select File Security.

Passcode check
Checks if your smartphone uses a passcode to protect your device and data from unauthorized access.

System update
Lets you know if it’s time to update your phone’s operating system, or if something changes your smartphone’s operating system. If it finds an issue, you’ll get a notice and the Device Security section on the Mobile Security home screen will turn red. It stays red until you select Device Security to get more details about fixing the issue.

Threat alerts
Turns the affected feature’s icon red when Mobile Security identifies a threat to your smartphone.
  • You’ll get a notification and the icon will stay red until you act.
  • Selecting the icon gives you info about the threat and options to resolve it.
  • The app doesn’t automatically delete the files or apps.
  • If you check your files, you may also get pop-up alerts letting you know how to handle threats.

Good to know: AT&T Mobile Security doesn't flag viruses that don't harm smartphones.
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Plus security features

With the Plus version, you enjoy the same features as the Basic version but with more smartphone protection. Try AT&T Mobile Security & AT&T Call Protect Plus for just $3.99 a month.

To get the Plus version, open the app and tap Unlock Plus.

Learn more about AT&T Mobile Security & AT&T Call Protect

AT&T Mobile Security Plus features
  • Secure Wi-Fi VPN protects your data over open (unsecured) Wi-Fi® connections.
  • Safe Browsing keeps your smartphone safe from the latest online threats with real-time protection.
  • Breach reports alert you to company data breaches, along with helpful tips.
  • Personal ID Monitor notifies you when your personal info is found on the dark web. This is a hidden part of the internet criminals use to buy and sell info, like your email address or passport number.
  • Wi-Fi alerts warn you if you join a dangerous network.
  • Theft alerts email you about suspicious activity detected on your phone.

AT&T Call Protect Plus features
  • Enhanced Caller ID identifies unknown caller details.
  • Reverse Number Lookup provides caller details when you enter a U.S. number.
  • Custom Call Controls (Custom Call Blocking) let you choose which categories of calls you want to allow, block, or send to voicemail. Categories include Telemarketer, Political, Fraud, and more.
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App info and updates

If you haven’t done so already, download the AT&T Mobile Security app on each eligible smartphone on your account.
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