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Data settings for non-AT&T iOS device

Learn how to program your iOS device with the correct AT&T APN and MMS data connection settings to use 4G (HSPA+)/4G LTE data services.


Verify SIM & data plan compatibility

Verify the device has a compatible SIM card and data plan before changing the data settings. This may resolve data connection issues without requiring any changes to your data settings:
  1. To verify SIM card compatibility:
    • You should already have the correct type SIM card if you recently purchased it new from AT&T or an authorized retailer. 
    • If you are using a SIM card from some other source or if you moved an active SIM card to a new device, verify SIM compatibility with 4G (HSPA+)/4G LTE data.
  2. To verify data plan compatibility:
    • If you moved an active SIM card to a new device and did not notify us of that change, your existing data plan might not be compatible. 
    • To update the device information on the account and make any required rate plan changes, the account holder or authorized user can contact us.
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Program data settings for non-AT&T iOS device

iOS devices should not require manual programming of data settings. However, you will need a compatible SIM card and data plan. If you are unable to connect to our data network using an iOS device purchased from another carrier, refer to Apple iOS Support for steps to program your device using the settings below.

Data settings iPhone iPad Smartwatches 
Name NXTGENPHONE ATT Broadband Phone 
APN NXTGENPHONE Broadband Phone 
Proxy Not set Not set Not set 
Port Not set Not set Not set 
Username Not set Not set Not set 
Password Not set Not set Not set 
Server Not set Not set Not set 
MMSC set  Not set 
MMS proxy set  Not set 
MMS port 80 Not set  Not set 
MCC 310 310  Not set 
MNC 410 410
Not set 
Authentication Type None None None 
APN type default,mms,supl,hipri default,mms,supl,hipri,fota
Not set 
APN protocol IPv4 Enabled Not set 
Bearer Unspecified Unspecified Unspecified 
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Troubleshoot data services

If you're having trouble accessing data services after programming the correct settings, visit Troubleshoot & Resolve to fix internet issues with your iPhone or iPad.
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