Activate your tablet.

Many tablets still use SIM cards, but some use eSIMs. Learn how to activate yours.

Tablets with a SIM card

If your iPad or Android® tablet uses a SIM card, it may already be activated. Just make sure the SIM is inserted.

Still no connection? Activate it now.

iPads with an eSIM

If your iPad uses an eSIM, you may be asked to install a cellular plan when you set it up. If you aren't asked, you can install one now:

1. Open Settings.
2. Select the notification AT&T Cellular Plan Ready to be Installed.
3. Follow the prompts on your device to add a cellular plan.

If you can't download your eSIM with these steps, activate your iPad first.

Wireless plans

You need a wireless plan for your tablet to work without Wi-Fi®. Don't have one? Choose an AT&T wireless plan or an AT&T PREPAID plan.