Klein Curl Wired Headset - Galaxy XCover FieldPro - Black

Klein Curl Wired Headset - Galaxy XCover FieldPro



Klein Curl Wired Headset - Galaxy XCover FieldPro - Black - isn't available.
  • Klein® wired ptt headset with ear loop provides hands-free push-to-talk functionality with your Samsung Galaxy XCover FieldPro + FirstNet PTT application. This popular and comfortable ear loop is reversible, which allows it to be worn on either your right or left ear. The speaker rests on the outside of your ear, making it comfortable for long shifts and ideal for shift workers who need to share earpieces. 1-wire design includes an easy to access, and heavy-duty inline PTT button. The microphone is conveniently located in the PTT housing, making it easy to access in a hands-free environment.

    **Compatibility Note: this model only compatible with Samsung Galaxy XCover FieldPro and FIRST NET PTT.

    Key Features:

    Reversible ear loop – worn in left or right ear

    Rugged design – Kevlar reinforced cables and heavy duty PTT button

    Compatible with heavy work gloves – large PTT button

    External Speaker - rests on outside of ear

    Dual Purpose – Full duplex for standard phone calls as well as PTT calls

  • Key Features

    • Reversible Ear Loop
    • Rugged Design
    • External Speaker
    • Dual Purpose

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