Install The Back-up Battery

Install The Back-up Battery

This article explains how to properly insert and install your device's back-up battery.

  1. Gently press down on the raised arrow on the back-up battery cover, then slide it in the direction the arrow is pointing.
    device 612/252885.jpg
  2. Insert the battery connector into the3 prong jack and press in completely up to the connector collar.  You should not expect to hear a click once it is connected.
    device 612/252889.jpg
  3. Place the back-up battery in the WHP Base Unit with the bar code side facing up, and the back-up battery wires next to the three-prong battery port.
    device 612/252886.jpg
  4. Replace the back-up battery cover by sliding it back into place until it clicks.

    Note: Remove the back-up battery if the device will be disconnected from AC power for more than 15 days to avoid possible damage.
    device 612/252888.jpg

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