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Fitness apps

Upload workout data to fitness apps.

  1. From the Timex Portal, click the Settings icon.
    device 2773/1346337.jpg
  2. Under Social and Fitness Sites, click + Add next to the desired fitness app.
    Note: This tutorial selects 'RunKeeper'.
    device 2773/1346341.jpg
  3. Enter the desired login information, then click Log In.
    Note: Tap 'CREATE ACCOUNT' if one does not exist.
    device 2773/1346342.jpg
  4. Click Allow.
    device 2773/1346343.jpg
  5. After a workout, tap the Upload icon.
    device 2773/1346344.jpg
  6. Uploaded content will be linked to the desired fitness app.
    device 2773/1346364.jpg

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