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Play music

This tutorial shows how to play music on your device.

  1. To first connect to a Bluetooth device, from the home screen, tap the Settings icon.
    device 2773/1385648.jpg
  2. Tap the Headphones icon.
    Note: Tap the Bluetooth switch to turn on before connecting to a Bluetooth 4.0 device.
    device 2773/1385650.jpg
  3. Tap the desired Bluetooth device.
    device 2773/1385651.jpg
  4. From the home screen, tap the Music icon.
    Note: A previously set up and connected Bluetooth 4.0 headset is required to complete this tutorial.
    device 2773/1346327.jpg
  5. Tap the Play icon to play the desired song.
    device 2773/1346336.jpg
  6. Tap the Skip icons to play the previous or next song. Touch and hold to rewind or fast forward.
    device 2773/1346373.jpg
  7. Tap the song titled to access the Music menu.
    device 2773/1346375.jpg
  8. To reshuffle the playlist, tap Reshuffle.
    device 2773/1346376.jpg
  9. To listen to a specific song, scroll to, then tap the desired song.
    device 2773/1346378.jpg

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