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Keyboard & typing

This tutorial goes through the keyboard and typing function.

  1. To access special characters, swipe left again.
    device 2773/1343731.jpg
  2. Long press the desired character.
    Note: When typing a character if you highlight a character by accident and want to go back, touch anywhere that is not highlighted
    device 2773/1343735.jpg
  3. To access lower case letters, spacebar, backspace, etc. , swipe left.
    device 2773/1343738.jpg
  4. To access special characters, swipe left again.
    device 2773/1405594.jpg
  5. To access emoticons, swipe to the left once more.
    device 2773/1405595.jpg
  6. To change the language, from the home screen, long press the Settings icon.
    device 2773/1346466.jpg
  7. Swipe to Settings, then long press Language.
    device 2773/1346467.jpg
  8. Long press the desired language.
    device 2773/1346468.jpg
  9. To change the unit format, from Settings, long press Unit Format.
    device 2773/1346469.jpg
  10. Long press the desired unit format.
    device 2773/1346471.jpg

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