Speed and distance
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Speed and distance

How to track speed and distance during a run.

  1. From the home screen, press the Fitness key.
    device 2773/1345172.jpg
  2. Wait until the orange circle fills in, then tap Start to begin the workout.
    device 2773/1345174.jpg
  3. Swipe left to view different screens.
    device 2773/1345176.jpg
  4. When the workout has ended, tap the Pause icon.
    device 2773/1345178.jpg
  5. To stop and save, tap the Stop icon.
    Note: To resume the workout, long press the Play icon.
    device 2773/1345179.jpg
  6. To view workout details, tap the Info icon.
    device 2773/1345180.jpg
  7. To delete the workout, tap the Delete icon.
    device 2773/1345181.jpg
  8. To upload the workout, tap the Upload icon.
    device 2773/1345182.jpg

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