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Secure my device

This article describes how to lock and unlock the screen.

  1. To lock the screen, press the Power/Lock key.
    Note: For GoPhone Users: Your device will have a different home screen showing ‘To check your data balance, go to att.com/mygophone
    device 2717/1325109.jpg
  2. To unlock the screen, press the Power/Lock key.
    device 2717/1325119.jpg
  3. Touch and hold the Lock icon.
    device 2717/1325122.jpg
  4. To set a security PIN code, tap Settings.
    device 2717/1325130.jpg
  5. Scroll to, then tap Lock Screen (PIN).
    device 2717/1325134.jpg
  6. Tap the Lock Screen PIN required switch.
    device 2717/1325136.jpg
  7. Enter the desired PIN.
    device 2717/1325139.jpg
  8. Re-enter the PIN.
    device 2717/1325141.jpg
  9. To unlock the device with a PIN, from the lock screen, enter the required PIN.
    device 2717/1325143.jpg

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