Keypad & typing

Keypad & typing

This article describes how to use the device's keyboard.

  1. When entering text, press the desired key the required number of times to reach a letter.

    For example, to type "A," press the 2 Key one time. To type "C," press the 2 Key three times. To type "2," press the 2 Key four times.
    device 2652/1249520.jpg
  2. To insert a Space between texts, press the 0 Key.
    device 2652/1249541.jpg
  3. To enable Shift, press the *Key.
    device 2652/1249539.jpg
  4. To delete text, press the Clear/Back Key.
    device 2652/1249540.jpg
  5. To enable caps lock, double press the *Key.
    device 2652/1249537.jpg
  6. For special characters, press the # Key.
    device 2652/1249521.jpg
  7. Scroll to the desired character, then press the Center Nav Key.
    device 2652/1249524.jpg
  8. From the home screen, press and hold the 1 Key to access voicemail.
    device 2652/1249526.jpg
  9. Press and hold the # Key to turn on Vibrate Mode.
    device 2652/1249527.jpg
  10. Press and hold the * Key to access the voice recorder.
    device 2652/1249528.jpg
  11. If you have a number assigned to speed dial, press and hold that number to dial the number.
    device 2652/1249533.jpg

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