Device layout

Device layout

Provides an overview of the device layout.

  1. The Earpiece lets you hear the caller during a call.
    device 2652/1249464.jpg
  2. The Main LCD displays the device's home screen, menus, phone icons, pictures, and more.
    device 2652/1249465.jpg
  3. The Left Soft Key & Right Soft Key perform the functions indicated by the text on the display screen above them.
    device 2652/1249466.jpg
  4. Navigate through menus with the Menu Keys. The Menu Keys can also access the Address Book, New Messages, Calendar, and My Stuff.
    device 2652/1249467.jpg
  5. To answer a call or to view a recent dialed or missed call, press the Send key.
    device 2652/1249470.jpg
  6. To end a call, press the End/Power key. To power down the phone, press and hold the End/Power key.
    device 2652/1249497.jpg
  7. To activate the Camera, press the Camera Key.
    device 2652/1249468.jpg
  8. To set up an alarm, press the Alarm key.
    device 2652/1249469.jpg
  9. To select select choices or to access the web in standby mode, press the Browser key.
    device 2652/1249488.jpg
  10. To return to the previous screen, press the Clear/Back keys.
    device 2652/1249490.jpg
  11. To open the multi-tasking menu, press the Multi-Tasking Key.
    device 2652/1249502.jpg
  12. To enable or disable text-to-speech, press the Text-to-Speech Key.
    device 2652/1249504.jpg
  13. The Volume Keys adjust the master volume and earpiece volume.
    device 2652/1249508.jpg
  14. To connect to a computer or to charge the device, insert an accessible USB cable into the Charger/USB Port.
    device 2652/1249511.jpg
  15. The SIM card slot is located under the back cover of the device. The device uses a MicroSIM card.
    device 2652/1315821.jpg
  16. The microSD card slot is located on the bottom left of the device on top of the SIM card slot. A microSD card of up to 32 GB can be used.
    device 2652/1315822.jpg

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