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Speed dial

Learn how to use speed dial and manage speed dial contacts.

  1. From the home screen, press the Right Soft key.
    device 2604/1253465.jpg
  2. Select Address Book, then press the Center Nav key.
    device 2604/1253466.jpg
  3. Scroll to the desired contact, then press the Left Soft key to access Options.
    device 2604/1253485.jpg
  4. Scroll to and select Set as Speed Dial, then press the Center Nav key.
    device 2604/1253488.jpg
  5. Select the desired number, then press the Center Nav key.
    Note: This tutorial selects "#3."
    device 2604/1253489.jpg
  6. Press the Left Soft key to confirm.
    device 2604/1253490.jpg
  7. To use speed dial, from the home screen, press and hold the desired speed dial number.
    device 2604/1253500.jpg

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