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View messages

View and delete messages and alerts on your device.

  1. When a new message is received the New message icon will display in the notification bar. and the Messages icon will show the number of unread messages.
    device 2859/1448474.jpg
  2. To view the number of messages and alerts available, scroll to the Message screen.
    device 2859/1448481.jpg
  3. To view messages and alerts, from the Elevate Manager, click Messages/Alerts.
    Note: The number of messages and alerts will be displayed.
    device 2859/1448487.jpg
  4. Available messages and alerts will be displayed. Click the desired message to view.
    device 2859/1448490.jpg
  5. Click OK.
    device 2859/1448491.jpg
  6. To delete a message, select the desired message, then click Delete selected.
    device 2859/1448493.jpg

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