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Adjust ringtone volume

Adjust ringtone volume

Change the loudness of your ringtone.

  1. To quickly adjust ringtone volume, press the Volume keys.
    device 646/265800.jpg
  2. To adjust the standard volume, from the home screen, press the Right Soft key.
    device 646/265801.jpg
  3. Scroll to Settings, then press the Center Nav key.
    device 646/265802.jpg
  4. Scroll to Profiles, then press the Center Nav key.
    device 646/265803.jpg
  5. Scroll to the selected profile, then press the Left Soft key.
    device 646/265804.jpg
  6. Scroll to Ringtone Volume, then scroll left or right to adjust the volume.
    device 646/265805.jpg

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