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Get step-by-step help and info for your device.

AT&T Code Scanner

Scan barcodes to easily compare prices, read product reviews or get coupons.

AT&T Navigator directions

Type or speak your destination into your phone or search for destinations by category.

AT&T Navigator login

Get the most updated maps and directions plus traffic updates and one-click re-routing around congestion.

Add a Social Networking account

Set up Facebook™, Twitter™, and other social networking accounts on your device.

Update your status

Easily post updates to your social accounts.

View updates

Quickly see what is happening with your friends.

Adjust ringtone volume

Change the loudness of your ringtone.

Change ringtone

Set a new ringtone.

Silent/vibrate ringer

Turn off your ringer or set the phone completely to silent when desired.

Add Bookmark

This article describes how to save a web page as a favorite.

Delete web history

This article describes how to delete the browser's web history.

Use the web

Open an Internet browser and navigate to a web page.

Add appointment

Create a new appointment in your device calendar.

Edit appointment

Delete or update an existing appointment for time or location change.

View calendar

View your calendar by day or month.

Add a contact

Save contact info such as phone numbers, email and addresses in your device's address book.

Add a contact from a recent call

Quickly save a recent call as a contact in your device's address book.

Contact ringtone, photo

Personalize your contacts by adding a photo or unique ringtone.

Copy contacts from SIM

Copy contacts from your SIM card memory to your device address book.

Create a contact group

This article describes how to create a group from existing contacts.

Edit a contact

Remove a contact or change a contact's saved info such as add a new email.

Answer/ignore a call

Quickly answer or send a call to voicemail.

International dialing

Check for included countries.

Make a call

Make a call by directly dialing a number.

Make call from contacts

Make a call by selecting a number out of contacts, address book or people.

Mute, speaker and other call options

These are features to help you manage your phone call.

Speed Dial

This article describes how to add a contact to speed dial.

View call history

View a log of outgoing, incoming and missed calls.

Camera settings

Access and adjust settings such as flash, white balance and contrast to take the best pictures.

Set photo as background

Use a personal picture as your wallpaper.

Take photo

Use the device to take a picture and store it in memory.

Record video

Use the camera to record video and store it in memory.

View photo/video

Open and view the photos/videos stored on your device.

Bluetooth™ on/off

Turn Bluetooth™ on to connect wirelessly to headsets, your car or other devices.

Connect a Bluetooth™ device

Pair your device with a Bluetooth™ headset or other devices such as car connections, printers and PCs.

Learn How to Clean Your Device

Get tips on the best way to keep your device clean.


This is a number unique to your device.

Use the physical keyboard

This article describes how to use the physical keyboard.

Charge battery

This article describes how to charge the battery.

Device controls

This article describes the various controls of the device.

Insert SIM card and battery

The SIM card accesses the wireless network and is often pre-installed.

Insert a memory card

A memory card expands the storage capacity for music, photos and programs on your device.

Power on

The power button is generally found on the top or side edge of your device.

What's in the box

These items are in the box with your new Pantech Burst.

Add email signature

Add a unique signature, like your phone number, to emails sent from your device.

Send email

Create and send an email from your device.

Setup email

Add your email accounts so you can read and send email on your device.

View attachment

Open and view an email attachment.

Send multimedia message

Attach a photo or video to a text message.

Send text message

Create a new text and send it.

View text message history

View recent text messages and open text conversations.

Play music

Listen to your favorite music.

Firmware Version

This article describes how to find the device's current firmware version.

Change alerts

Change the way your devices notifies you of new messages, missed calls and new voicemails.

Change background

Customize your screen's wallpaper with your own photo or a preloaded background.

Screen display

Adjust the brightness and the time until your screen goes to sleep to balance ease of use with battery optimization.

Set alarm

Use your handset to wake you up or to remind you of important appointments.

Battery optimization

There are several settings you can adjust on your device to conserve your battery.

Check memory card status

This article describes how to check the available space on a memory card.

Flight mode on/off

The feature allows you to use your device without a wireless signal.

Screen Timeout

This article describes how to set the screen timeout timer.

Set date/time

Manually change the date and time to keep up with your travel.

Lock/unlock device

This article describes how to enable or disable the device's lock.

Password security

Add a required password to unlock your device if you desire. Learn about the importance of adding a password on your device to protect your privacy as well as how to report a lost or stolen phone:

Master Reset

This article describes how to perform a master reset, which will delete all user data.

Master Reset

This article describes how to perform a master reset, which will delete all user data.

Soft Reset

This article describes to perform a soft reset on the device. This will not erase any data.


Set up is simple via guided prompts and there are many options for security, greetings and access.

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