Learn the home screen

Learn the home screen

This article provides an overview of the home screen.



  1. To turn the projector on or off, tap the Projector power icon on the Projector widget. You may also select the desired content source and brightness.
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  2. To turn hotspot on or off, tap the Hotspot power icon on the Hotspot widget. The Network, Password, and Connection status will display.
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  3. To quickly access projector settings from any screen, tap the Projector Floating Button.
    Note: You can add or remove the Projector Floating Button in Settings > Projector.
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  4. The AT&T AllAccess widget allows you to set alerts, get notifications when approaching your data limit, locate the closest AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots, create your own personal hotspot, and pay your bill.
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  5. Swipe down from the top of the screen to access the Notification menu.
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  6. Tap + to add an additional tab.
    device 2944/1513197.jpg
  7. Touch and hold the desired tab to remove or rename.
    Note: Some tabs can not be removed or renamed.
    device 2944/1513198.jpg
  8. Tap a tab to open.
    device 2944/1532503.jpg
  9. If a tab has more than one screen of apps, swipe left or right to access more apps.
    device 2944/1532505.jpg
  10. Tap the desired app to open.
    Note: To take a screenshot, press the Volume down and Center key at the same time.
    device 2944/1513199.jpg

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