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Conference calling

Add another person to your call, merge calls, place someone on hold and more.

  1. To use call waiting, swipe over the Answer icon to answer an incoming call and place the current call on hold.
    device 3138/1639890.jpg
  2. To start a 3-way call, while on a call, press the Menu icon.
    device 3138/1639891.jpg
  3. Tap Add call.
    device 3138/1639892.jpg
  4. Dial the desired number, then tap the Call icon.
    device 3138/1639893.jpg
  5. Once the second call has connected, tap Merge calls.
    device 3138/1639894.jpg
  6. To disconnect from a single caller, tap Manage members.
    device 3138/1639895.jpg
  7. Tap the End icon next to the desired contact.
    device 3138/1639896.jpg
  8. To disconnect from all calls, tap End.
    device 3138/1639897.jpg

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