App troubleshooting
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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (N900A)

App troubleshooting

Use application manager and usage manager to improve your app and device performance.

  1. To manage your applications, from the home screen, swipe to then tap the AT&T folder.
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  2. Tap Usage Manager.
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  3. Tap the APPS tab.
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  4. Running applications and services will display. Tap to switch between CACHED PROCESSS and SERVICES IN USE.
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  5. To stop a running app or service, scroll to then tap the desired app or service.
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  6. Tap STOP.
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  7. To clear an app's cache, from the APPS tab, swipe left.
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  8. Scroll to then tap the desired app.
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  9. Scroll to then tap CLEAR CACHE.
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  10. To update an app, from the home screen, tap Play Store.
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  11. Tap the Play Store tab.
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  12. Tap My apps.
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  13. Scroll to then tap the desired app listed beneath Updates.
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  14. Tap UPDATE.
    device 3204/1685815.jpg
  15. If prompted, tap ACCEPT.
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  16. To uninstall an app, from the 'My apps' page, scroll to then tap the desired app.
    device 3204/1685817.jpg
  17. Tap UNINSTALL.
    device 3204/1685818.jpg
  18. Tap OK.
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  19. To reinstall the app, tap INSTALL.
    device 3204/1685820.jpg
  20. Tap ACCEPT.
    device 3204/1685821.jpg

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