Reset pattern lock
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Reset pattern lock

Reset a forgotten pattern lock.

  1. From the lock screen, drawing the incorrect pattern 5 times will provide access to pattern lock reset options.
    device 3204/1685492.jpg
  2. Tap OK.
    device 3204/1685493.jpg
  3. To access your device using your backup PIN, tap BACKUP PIN.
    device 3204/1685494.jpg
  4. Wait until the timer reaches 0.
    device 3204/1685495.jpg
  5. Enter your backup PIN.
    device 3204/1685496.jpg
  6. Tap OK.
    device 3204/1685497.jpg
  7. Alternatively, to access your device using your Google sign-in details, tap 'FORGOT PATTERN?'.
    Note: The device must be linked to a Google account for the 'Forgot pattern' option to display.
    device 3204/1685498.jpg
  8. Enter the required Google email and password.
    device 3204/1685499.jpg
  9. Tap SIGN IN.
    device 3204/1685500.jpg
  10. The lock screen has been reset. Tap the desired option, then follow the on-screen prompts to set up a new lock.
    device 3204/1685501.jpg

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