Keyboard & typing
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Keyboard & typing

How to use the keyboard, use speech-to-text, access keyboard settings, and more.

  1. Tap any Text field to access the keyboard.
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  2. Tap the Shift key to capitalize the first letter typed.
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  3. Tap the Shift key twice to activate CAPS lock.
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  4. Tap the Sym icon to access symbols.
    device 3204/1678853.jpg
  5. Tap the 1/2 icon to access more symbols.
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  6. Tap the Alphabet icon to return to the standard keyboard.
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  7. While typing, autocomplete suggestions will display above the keyboard. Tap the desired suggestion to automatically enter it into the text field.
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  8. To input text using Swype, slide a finger from one letter of a word to the next, lifting only between words.
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  9. To copy/cut text, touch then hold the desired text.
    device 3204/1678858.jpg
  10. Touch, then drag the selection bars to highlight the desired text.
    device 3204/1678859.jpg
  11. Tap Copy to copy the selected text.
    device 3204/1678860.jpg
  12. Tap Cut to cut the selected text.
    device 3204/1678861.jpg
  13. To paste copied/cut text, touch and hold the Text field.
    device 3204/1678862.jpg
  14. Tap Paste to paste copied/cut text.
    device 3204/1678863.jpg
  15. Tap the Microphone icon to use the Speech-to-Text feature.
    device 3204/1678864.jpg
  16. To access keyboard and input settings, touch and hold the Microphone icon, then tap the Settings icon.
    Note: Alternatively, access keyboard settings from the home screen by tapping Apps > Settings > Language and input.
    device 3204/1678865.jpg

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