Reset pattern lock

Reset pattern lock

Reset a forgotten pattern lock.

  1. After drawing the incorrect unlock pattern five times, Pattern Lock reset options will appear. You may access the device using one of these options once the Timer reaches 0.
    device 3207/1679984.jpg
  2. To access the device using your backup PIN, tap BACKUP PIN.
    device 3207/1679982.jpg
  3. Enter the established backup PIN, then tap OK.
    device 3207/1679983.jpg
  4. To access the device using your Google account information, tap 'FORGOT PATTERN?'.
    Note: The device must already be associated with a Google account for the 'UNLOCK VIA GOOGLE' option to display
    device 3207/1679981.jpg
  5. Enter the required email address and password, then tap SIGN IN.
    device 3207/1679980.jpg
  6. The lock screen has been reset. Tap the desired option then follow on-screen prompts to set up a new screen lock.
    device 3207/1679985.jpg

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