Change the display time out, brightness and orientation.

  1. To adjust the display brightness, swipe in from the right edge of the Start screen to display the Charm bar.
    device 5006/9006229_01.jpg
  2. Tap on the Settings icon.
    device 5006/9006229_02.jpg
  3. Touch and hold the Screen icon until the Brightness bar appears.
    device 5006/9006229_03.jpg
  4. Slide up or down to adjust the level of screen brightness.
    device 5006/9006229_04.jpg
  5. To turn off the auto screen rotation, at the top of the brightness slider, tap on the Screen Rotation Icon to lock screen orientation.
    device 5006/9006229_05.jpg
  6. To unlock screen orientation, tap the Screen icon in the charm bar.
    device 5006/9006229_06.jpg
  7. Tap the Lock Screen Rotation Icon to unlock.
    device 5006/9006229_07.jpg
  8. To change the screen timeout period, tap Change PC Settings.
    device 5006/9006229_08.jpg
  9. From the "PC settings" screen tap PC and devices.
    device 5006/9006229_09.jpg
  10. Tap Power and Sleep.
    device 5006/9006229_10.jpg
  11. Under sleep, tap on the Time interval field.
    device 5006/9006229_11.jpg
  12. Select the desired Time interval.
    device 5006/9006229_12.jpg
  13. You can also set the device to auto brightness by turning on the toggle for Adjust screen brightness automatically.
    device 5006/9006229_13.jpg

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