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Send & receive email

Send & receive email

Add and download email attachments, respond to an email and more.



  1. To access email, from the Start screen, tap the Mail tile.
    device 5006/9006151_01.jpg
  2. To access an email, tap the Desired email.
    device 5006/9006151_02.jpg
  3. To download an attachment, tap the Attachment.
    device 5006/9006151_03.jpg
  4. To view the attachment, tap the attachment.
    device 5006/9006151_04.jpg
  5. Tap the Desired option.
    device 5006/9006151_05.jpg
  6. If you select Open with, tap Keep using photos to view.
    device 5006/9006151_06.jpg
  7. If you select Save, tap Save to save to the device.
    device 5006/9006151_07.jpg
  8. To Reply to a message tap the Reply icon.
    device 5006/9006151_08.jpg
  9. Tap Reply, Reply all, or Forward as desired.
    device 5006/9006151_09.jpg
  10. To delete an email, tap the Delete icon.
    device 5006/9006151_10.jpg
  11. To compose a new email, tap the Compose mail icon.
    device 5006/9006151_11.jpg
  12. Enter the Desired address, subject and message.
    device 5006/9006151_12.jpg
  13. To add an attachment such as a photo, tap the Attachments icon.
    device 5006/9006151_13.jpg
  14. Tap the Desired album.
    device 5006/9006151_14.jpg
  15. Tap the desired image and tap Attach.
    device 5006/9006151_15.jpg
  16. To send the mail, tap the Send icon.
    device 5006/9006151_16.jpg
  17. When a new email is received, there will be a new message icon in the Mail tile on the Start screen.
    device 5006/9006151_17.jpg

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