Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile allows you to manage your device in a secure way by tracking and controlling your device remotely.

  1. ACCESS FIND MY MOBILE: Swipe down from the Notification bar, then select the Settings icon.
    Note: For more information, visit the Samsung Find My Mobile website.
    device 5232/9006244_01.jpg
  2. Scroll to and select Security.
    device 5232/9006244_02.jpg
  3. Select Find My Mobile.
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  4. SET UP FIND MY MOBILE: Select the Add icon next to Add account.
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  5. Enter the Account information, then select SIGN IN.
    Note: You must have a Samsung account to access this feature. If you don’t have a Samsung account, select CREATE ACCOUNT then follow the on-screen prompts to sign in.
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  6. Review the Terms and Conditions Agreement, then select the desired option and select AGREE. Select DONE.
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  7. Select the Remote controls switch to turn on Find My Mobile features.
    device 5232/9006244_07.jpg
  8. LOCATE THE DEVICE: From a computer or phone web browser, go to the Samsung Find My Mobile website. Select SIGN IN.
    device 5232/9006244_08.jpg
  9. Enter your Account information, then select SIGN IN.
    device 5232/9006244_09.jpg
  10. Find My Mobile will automatically begin to search for your device.
    device 5232/9006244_10.jpg
  11. REMOTELY CONTROL THE DEVICE: Select Ring to ring the device at full volume for 5 minutes, even if it is set to silent or vibrate. Select Lock to lock the device with a new password. Select Erase data to permanently delete all of the data on the device. Select Back up to back up current data on the device.
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