Access contacts, create a contact, edit a contact, add a picture or ringtone to a contact, delete a contact, add or remove a contact to speed dial, and back up contacts.



  1. ACCESS CONTACTS: From the home screen, select the Contacts app.
    Note: Upon initial access, you will be prompted to review a short tutorial. Select Start to continue to the Contacts app. When in Easy mode no 'Groups' tab will display and you can't send business cards, merge accounts or link contacts.
    device 5232/9006144_01.jpg
  2. CREATE A CONTACT: From the Contacts screen, select the Add icon.
    device 5232/9006144_02.jpg
  3. Select the desired location to store the new contact information.
    Note: Phone was chosen for this tutorial. If this is the first time you save a contact, you will be prompted to select SELECT or SET AS DEFAULT after selecting the desired storage location. Select the desired option.
    device 5232/9006144_03.jpg
  4. Enter the desired contact information, then select SAVE.
    device 5232/9006144_04.jpg
  5. EDIT A CONTACT: Select the desired contact > Details > EDIT > edit the contact information as desired > select SAVE.
    device 5232/9006144_05.jpg
  6. ADD PICTURE TO A CONTACT: While editing a contact, select the Camera icon > Gallery icon > desired image > Crop as desired > select DONE > SAVE.
    Note: After selecting the Camera icon, you can also select a preloaded image on the device or take a picture.
    device 5232/9006144_06.jpg
  7. ADD RINGTONE TO A CONTACT: While editing a contact, select View more > Ringtone > desired ringtone > Back icon.
    device 5232/9006144_07.jpg
  8. Select SAVE to save your edits.
    device 5232/9006144_08.jpg
  9. DELETE A CONTACT: From the Contacts screen, select and hold the desired contact then select DELETE. Select DELETE again to confirm.
    device 5232/9006144_09.jpg
  10. ADD/REMOVE CONTACTS FROM THE SPEED DIAL: From the home screen, select the Phone app > CONTACTS tabs > Menu icon > Speed dial numbers > enter the desired contact or phone number > set the desired speed dial number from the drop-down list.
    Note: To remove a contact from the Speed dial, select the Remove icon next to the desired contact.
    device 5232/9006144_10.jpg
  11. BACKUP CONTACTS: From the Contacts screen, select the Menu icon > Manage contacts > Import/Export contacts > follow the prompts.
    device 5232/9006144_11.jpg

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