Sounds & alerts
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Sounds & alerts

Change volume settings, ringtones, and notification alerts.

  1. You can raise or lower the volume using the volume keys on the left side of the device.
    device 5080/9007012_01.jpg
  2. To set the device to Silent, press the volume down key until "0" is displayed.
    device 5080/9007012_02.jpg
  3. To adjust other sound profiles, from the home screen, select Menu > Settings.
    device 5080/9007012_03.jpg
  4. Select User Profiles.
    device 5080/9007012_04.jpg
  5. Use the Up and Down Navigation keys to choose between General, Silent, Meeting, Outdoor, and My Style.
    device 5080/9007012_05.jpg
  6. To change the ringtone, select Options > Customize
    device 5080/9007012_06.jpg
  7. Scroll to the ringtone name below Incoming Call and select OK.
    device 5080/9007012_07.jpg
  8. Press the Up and Down Navigation keys to select a ringtone.
    Note: The selected ringtone will preview automatically.
    device 5080/9007012_08.jpg
  9. To save your choice, choose Select > Options > Save.
    device 5080/9007012_09.jpg

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